Working At Home: Tips For Tackling Remote Work

March 18, 2020

The world is in the middle of a global shift. It’s important, now more than ever, that we all take this time to think about social responsibility, and how we can best respond to what is currently happening. 

The Mindable team has taken all of this into consideration, and has decided it is best that we all work from home for now, rather than at our office. The health and safety of all of our team members, and those around us, is very important. 

Working from home poses its own unique set of challenges. We wanted to take this time to put together our best tips when it comes to working from home, as you’re more than likely in a very similar situation right now! 

Read ahead to see what some Mindable team members have to say.

Reanna, Content Coordinator

It is so important to get yourself on a set schedule that makes you motivated for the day. Wake up at the same time, get ready as if you were leaving the house, and make a cup of coffee or tea. Also take breaks when you can, even if it’s standing up for a moment and stretching. These simple changes can make work days from home fly by.

Tristan, Happiness Manager

My “work from home” tip is to use extra/spare time to better yourself! It can be tempting to just sleep late, not practice self care and eat junk food, but I’m using my usual commuting time (an hour a day!) to get to all the big chores I tell myself I “don’t have time for,” read more books, and cook recipes I usually find impractical for weekdays.

This morning, for example, I took my half hour commute time and went for a long walk through the river valley.

Michele, Marketing Coordinator

It’s important to create a designated space that becomes your new “office”. It also helps to get dressed and ready as if you’re going into the office and seeing everyone – this also ensures you’re prepared for any impromptu FaceTime call that might come your way. We always have background music on in the Mindable office, so I like to play music from my speaker while I work from home; It helps put me in the “work” mode. Also, don’t forget to take your breaks! Getting outside and going for a quick lap around the block will do wonders for your mind and productivity levels. 

Kelsey, Project Manager

One tip is time blocking in my calendar. It’s super easy to get distracted while at home and lose track of time, so blocking out 1 hour to dedicate to one thing helps me still get things done and stay on track. Plus it sends me a reminder that the block is coming up so I don’t forget to do it! Even scheduling in 15 minutes to respond to an email helps me stay focused and productive.

Marina, Communications Strategist

Make sure that you are sticking to the same routine that you would be doing at the office. Plan out your day and make a to-do list. Find a place in your home where you can set up a temporary office that is away from your bedroom. Many people say changing out of their pajamas helps them, but for me, continuing to do things like curl my hair makes me feel “ready” for the day. Take showers so that you feel refreshed. Take care of yourself as you would if you were leaving the house!

Randeep, Quality Assurance Analyst

Do your household chores (including meal preparation and bath) as you would do on your regular working days (i.e. one night before, or early morning). Your office space should also be the least disturbed room in your house.

Keep in mind where the wifi is best in your home. You want to make sure you set up your new office somewhere that you can get maximum internet speed without interruptions!

Dan Lee, Data Analyst

I find the best way to stay productive working from home is having an “office set up.” This helps you keep your home and work life “separate” and provides less distraction. I also think taking the necessary breaks is beneficial, standing up, going to get some water, etc.

Anna (my wife) and I set up different “offices” from each other so we don’t distract each other. To ensure my kids aren’t too much of a distraction throughout the day, I set up daily activities for them to complete, trying to make it as “normal” as possible in the current situation. They get “recess” in the AM and “recess” in the PM. We set up reading time, math activities, and more!

Alex, Marketing Strategist Manager

Alex is in a unique situation, as she has been working from home for a couple months now!

I knew when I made the decision to move back home to Halifax a couple months ago, it wasn’t going to be easy. Our CEO and COO graciously allowed me to continue to work for Mindable.  Little did I know how much it would actually affect me psychologically.

I have added some of my personal favorite tips and tricks you can do to reduce anxiety, help with productivity, and take care of yourself in relation to our five senses.

1. Eyes: Bluelight glasses and Eye Break Reminders  

We stare at our monitors multiple hours a day, and working from home decreases the social interactions we have to have those much-needed breaks (in-person meetings become online ones, lunch breaks are ignored, etc.), which means more time staring at that dreadful blue light.

Blue light from screens can cause headaches, blurry vision, and eye strain, which can reduce your productivity. If you don’t have a pair of blue light glasses, below are some apps you can install on your computers/browsers to help remind you to give your eyes a break:

  • Awareness for Mac and Windows – Reminds you to take a break from using the computer. (
  • F.lux – f.lux software makes the computer display adjust to the time of day. (
  • Protect Your Vision – Protects eyes from computer vision syndrome. (
  • Twlight – Makes screen adapt to the time of day. (

2. Ears: Listen to Music

Having music on in the background can be very helpful. Listening to your favorite tunes not only helps you feel less lonely, some studies have found that listening to music you enjoy may increase the release of pleasure-causing substances in the brain like norepinephrine and melatonin. It may also decrease stress-causing hormone production in the body.

3. Nose: Get a Diffuser or Salt Lamp and use essential oils

This is a personal favorite of mine. Aromatherapy has been known to reduce stress and support focus.

Below are 6 calming scents you can try:

  • Cinnamon can sharpen your mind
  • Pine can alleviate stress
  • Citrus can help you feel more energized
  • Vanilla can elevate your mood
  • Peppermint may boost concentration
  • Jasmine can ease depression

4. Mouth: Eat nutritious foods and drink lots of water

We need to fuel ourselves with healthy choices to make our days easier to manage. Downloading water drinking app reminders or setting alarms on your phone for your breaks is a good way to get you through the day!  

5. Touch: Cuddle your pets  

Social distancing means we can’t take time to visit with family and friends like we used to, but it doesn’t mean we can’t go for a walk outside and get some fresh air. We don’t need to socially distance ourselves from our animals, so take your dog for a walk, play with your cat, sing to your fish; just find a warm body to hug and cuddle. Share the love!

What are your best tips for working from home? Make sure to share with us!