Have you ever wondered who we are? What the heck does Mindable do? Why does the HR department consist of dogs?! We like to keep a hint of mystery in Mindable. But today we are opening the curtains and letting you in on who we are, what we actually do, and why we love coming to work every morning.

So, let’s give you a rundown of the basics of Mindable. We are a digital marketing firm based in Sherwood Park, Alberta. We have been operating this business since 2010 and as you can read on our home page, we quickly sky rocketed into success within 5 years!

We aren’t your typical marketing firm. We don’t take on clients; Mindable is the client. We specialize in direct marketing in the self-discovery and personal transformation fields. Does that sound vague? It is. We may be opening our doors a bit, but we still need to keep you interested and coming back for more 🙂

Our office is the epitome of fun, creativity, and collaboration. When we aren’t dreaming, planning, creating or testing, we make sure to take advantage of the fun our office has to offer. This could be anything from a friendly ping pong battle, sharing some birthday cake in our staff kitchen or giving our HR reps some ear scratches. Just to clarify, our HR reps are some of our staff’s friendly pups who like to come for regular office visits. We have a real Human Resource rep, we promise!


We are holding strong at 13 in-office members who run the show and over 35 staff around the world supporting our endeavor. And who might be our fearless and passionate team leader you ask? Well, that’s Daniel Matishak!

Dan is a twenty something Edmonton entrepreneur who likes to push boundaries and thrives on leading his team through challenges to success. Dan studied interactive design and digital media design in college, and at the end of school, when it came time to intern at a company, he convinced the faculty to let him intern at his own company! He wanted to be lead by his own vision and learn from his mistakes, not others. And now, that is how he leads us – by letting us dream and test to our heart’s desire, and when mistakes happen he helps us learn from them, and turn them into lessons to apply in the future. A world traveler and public speaker, Dan continues to inspire his team with his passionate soul and incredible work ethic.

What Guides Us

While Mindable’s mission statement and guiding principles aren’t written in stone, they are spray painted on the walls to remind us daily, about who we are, and how we act. We continue to evolve as a company and as individuals, and throughout all the challenges and successes, we let these guiding principles and mission statement lead us in the right direction.

Mission Statement: “To be recognized as the global authority for the highest quality content and products in self-discovery and personal transformation.”

Mindable Guiding Principles

  • To always have an open mind
  • A drive to constantly be a better version of yourself
  • A belief that every problem has a solution and a willingness to tackle these problems
  • Understanding that you will make mistakes but it’s what you learn from those mistakes that will make us great
  • A hunger to do the undoable
  • To constantly push for higher quality customer satisfaction
  • Leading a balanced life, both in and out of work with a focus on happiness
  • Accomplishing all the above with people you respect, care for and enjoy

What We Actually Do

Now we can get into the nitty gritty details of what we actually do when we walk through our front doors every day. Each department in Mindable has an important role and crazy skilled and passionate team members running it.

Marketing – Our marketing team consists of some awesome individuals who live and breathe sales funnels, A/B split testing and project management. These multi taskers can juggle any task thrown there way, track the results and analyze the data to decide if the project is a go, or no go.

Online Advertising / Traffic – These advertising whizzes know how to connect with our audience and focus on converting them into customers who believe in our offerings. They get to flex their creative joint when designing our advertisements and they have a keen insight on what people want to see.

Customer Service – We call this the “Happiness” department. It’s about keeping our customers happy and coming back for more. Our customer service team thoroughly enjoys working with our customers and having that human connection. This team listens to our customers and ensures that they leave happier than when they came by solving their problem and offering solutions.

Email Marketing – This department focuses on getting our specialty offering to your inbox. They are driven by numbers and can brainstorm up ideas for engagement like no other! They like to keep things fresh and intriguing for our customers and readers to keep them checking their inbox for more!

Content & Editorial – Like what you’re reading right now? Our content team was able to whip this blog post up in 10 minutes… just kidding… but this team does go above and beyond to deliver accurate, interesting and thought provoking content to our audience. This team consists of writers, editors, social media experts and project managers.

Technical – We all know the role that the technical team in any company does… they are not only the back bone but they are the problem solvers and creative thinkers. Data driven, caffeine consumers, the tech team makes the impossible dreams happen!

Operations – This team keeps the business running. They all have amazing experience and knowledge in running a successful business and excel at solving any challenge that comes our way. They also focus on keeping the team together, with regular staff events and collaboration, the operations team is the heart of the office.

Why We Love Our Jobs

So, as you have read, we are a pretty rad company. Interesting, challenging and ever changing. I bet you are asking yourself “can this place get any better?!”. Why yes, yes we can.

Mindable management encourages every employee to continually learn and push boundaries. No idea is ever discredited without a healthy discussion. And any learning opportunity that shows value, is taken. Our staff regularly attend conferences and knowledge sessions with some of the world’s best digital marketers and other world class leaders in their field of expertise.

Why A Blog Now?

Why did we start this blog now? Mindable wants to start sharing what we loving doing, and how we do it. We like to leave things better then we find them, so the more knowledge we give you, the more educated you leave. You can expect to see in-depth articles about anything from direct marketing, to paid traffic or you may even catch some photos of the office staff having fun or giving back to our community.

We hope you continue to follow along on our journey, and as we say around here…BIG THINGS, are going to happen.