Traffic and Conversion Summit 2019: Key Takeaways

Traffic and Conversion Summit 2019: Key Takeaways

Traffic and Conversion Summit 2019: Key Takeaways 1350 900 Mindable

In February of 2019, a few of Mindable’s team members had the pleasure of attending Traffic and Conversion Summit in sunny San Diego. These team members had the chance to hear from a number brilliant business and digital marketing minds while they were there. 

Here were some of the most important key takeaways and learnings from that conference:

On Customers & Trust

1) Ask customers for positive reviews after moments of excitement,

such as post purchase. This will build up your catalog of testimonials.

2) Make it easy for the wrong users to leave, and ensure you are

always nurturing the right ones. You want to dial in on your demographic!

3) It’s never about what we sell, but how we sell it.

4) It takes 0-33 milliseconds for your audience to establish if you’re

trustworthy and credible

On Video Content

1) By pairing traditional branding with direct response marketing

you will have a longer term ROI when it comes to creating and

distributing video content. Build a story, not a one hit wonder.

2) Take a multi-channel approach when it comes to publishing video.

Video should be published across all active platforms.

3) Create a brand character that serves as a consistent face throughout

all videos. This will build up both brand recognition and brand awareness.

On Digital Marketing & Sales

1) Focus on conversation over conversion.

2) You need to amplify the perceived value of what you’re

already selling.

3) The Facebook algorithm dramatically prefers Facebook Live

over uploaded videos.

4) Whoever is going to make it easier to buy is going to win.

Too much information is not a good thing.

5) Ensure you’re utilizing “second chance offers.” Email prospects

48 hours later offering them a second chance to buy.