An Office That Feels Like Home

We wanted an engaging workplace that fosters creative
thinking, togetherness, and a sense of calm.

Creating a

Better Workspace

Our designers drew inspiration from some of Mindable’s favourite officescapes, like Mindvalley’s and Google’s; but, like any good space, our blueprint is constantly evolving. New ideas manifest all the time, ideas inspired by team collaboration and execution.

Below are a few aspects of our office we feel are vital to our success:

Being a creative company, it only makes sense to inhabit a creative office. Typically, words like comfortable, colourful, light, and vibrant are not words that come to mind in traditional office spaces – we wanted to change that. With an in-house team of over 20 people spending 8 hours a day, 5 days a week in one space, we knew it only made sense to create an environment as bright and open as the minds who work inside it.


It's hard to encourage expansion of the mind if the body is restricted. Mindable’s 6,700 square ft. office houses our 20+ person on-site team – ample room to boost creativity and participation.

With an open-concept layout, transformable stand-up desks, whiteboard walls, a kitchen full of healthy snacks, and free-flowing coffee and espresso, work and play become one and the same.

Whiteboards everywhere

Every wall in our office is painted as a whiteboard. Have an idea? Write it on the wall!

Break Out Rooms

A place to collaborate, or a place for uninterrupted individual thought.

Lounging Areas

We don't want people sitting in front of a screen 8 hours a day, we encourage our team to take breaks & occasionally, post up on a couch for some down-time.

Fully stocked kitchen

At any given time, our team has access to our in-house kitchen. Frequently stocked with fresh and organic snacks, Mindable advocates for healthy minds forged from healthy diets.

The play area

Break time is imperative for our active team and, at Mindable, breaks are designed for fun. Our office is equipped with ping pong and pool tables, arcade basketball, nerf guns, dart boards, and hoverboards - because you know what they say, “work hard, play harder”.

A place for innovation

In combining our contemporary space with some of the brightest minds in our industry, Mindable has created the perfect environment for genuine, cutting-edge innovation.

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