Mindable’s Top 10 Marketing Conferences

September 22, 2017

Here at Mindable, you may already know this, but let me reiterate…. we loooooove learning!! We believe that lifelong learning isn’t a choice, it’s a lifestyle. Not only do we have a monthly book club where we read and discuss educational and thought-provoking books, but we also have the opportunity to travel the globe to attend conferences, seminars, and workshops and surround ourselves with experts in our fields.

We have Marketing, Advertising/Traffic, Customer Service, Email Marketing, Content & Editorial, Technical and Operations. Since we have so many departments, we are able to send our rock star employees to many different conferences and bring back all that knowledge to share with the entire team! Not only do we invest in one staff member, but the team as a whole.

So without further adieu, here are Mindable’s Top 10 Marketing-ish Conferences (listed in no particular order)!

1. Traffic and Conversion Summit – hosted by Digital Marketer

Which Mindable Team Members Attended? Our Marketing Specialist’s, Management, Traffic/Advertising

Summary of Conference: This is an exciting 3-day conference in sunny San Diego, California and it is a must-attend conference for anyone in the digital marketing space. Digital Marketer is known for their ingenious marketing, advertising, traffic, and social media tips and techniques and at this conference, they share all their learnings and bring new information on traffic channels, conversion breakthroughs, selling models and they host extra breakout sessions on a variety of other topics. If you want to check out what went down in 2017, check out Digital Marketer’s blog post: The Best of Traffic & Conversion 2017

Want to attend the next conference? Check it out here: https://trafficandconversionsummit.com/

2. Content and Commerce Summit – hosted by Digital Marketer

Which Mindable Team Members Attended? CEO, Marketing Specialists, Content Manager

Summary of Conference: This conference, like the Traffic & Conversion Summit, is hosted by Digital Marketer. This is a 3-day conference, hosted in bustling Los Angeles, California, packed full of content and networking where you will learn about whats happening in the NOW related to e-commerce, digital media, information publishing and subscription commerce. In 2017, they are hosting some great speakers from these brands: PopSugarCasperRackedRue lala, Fossil and many more!

Want to attend the next conference? Check it out here: http://contentandcommercesummit.com/

3. INBOUND – hosted by Hubspot

Which Mindable Team Members Attended? Content Manager

Summary of Conference: INBOUND is a marketing must-see, 4-day conference, hosted in beautiful Boston, Massachusetts. Not only do they provide inspiration, education, and connections related to to the marketing space. They have over 19,000 people attend, from over 92 countries! And in 2016, they hosted 300+ breakout sessions. When you attend INBOUND expect to: get motivated by inspirational speakers who are delivering amazing content, to network with those 19,000 attendees who are the best in the business, to learn from the 250+ breakout session and above all of that, be entertained! This year has a killer lineup of keynote speakers including Brene BrownPiera GelardiMichelle ObamaSteward ButterfieldMario Batali – just to name a few.

Want to attend the next conference? Check it out here: https://www.inbound.com/

4. Mindvalley U – hosted by Mindvalley

Which Mindable Team Members Attended? CEO

Summary of Conference: Mindvalley U is much more than a conference, it is a once in a lifetime type experience. Every year, Mindvalley will be hosting MindValley U. And what is it you may ask? It is a reinvention of your typical education. Each year, in a different city around the world, for one full month, Mindvalley will be a hosting a university type educational experience. Classes aren’t your regular university courses, the topics range from entrepreneurship, leadership, public speaking, personal growth, health and wellness and much more! And unlike a normal university, the community ranges from ages 17 – 70, where the young can learn from the old and vice versa. Sound intriguing? We thought so!

Want to attend the next conference? Check it out here: http://courses.mindvalleyacademy.com/mindvalley-u/

5. MGI Facilitative Leadership – hosted by MGI

Which Mindable Team Members Attended? All employees!

Summary of Conference: MGI is “an experimental, training and development company that specializes in building teams, developing leaders and inspiring organization”. It was founded in 1984 and has served over 2,000 companies and 40,000 participants. MGI offers programs such as Facilitative Leadership, Sports Team Development, Executive Coaching, Issue Resolution – just to name a few. But not only do they offer programs, they also host conferences that are custom designed for every client. Some types of conferences they have hosted are Team Building, Dealing with Difficult People, and Transition in Time of Change.

Mindable management truly believes that MGI has taken their employees to the next level and continues to send a handful of employees to MGI courses throughout the year.

Want to attend or host an MGI Program? Check it out here: http://mgiexperience.com/

6. Email Innovations Summit – hosted by Rising Media Inc. and Only Influencers

Which Mindable Team Members Attended? Email Marketing

Summary of Conference: Hosted in either London or Las Vegas, this 2-day conference is jam-packed with the latest advancements in acquisition techniques and shows the conference goers the future of email marketing! The goal of this conference is to: Innovate – show the latest cutting-edge techniques and advancement in email marketing, Educate – on topics such as trigger mapping, email automation, and interactive design to name a few, Communicate – this conference offers every attendee a 6 month complimentary membership to the Only Influencers Email Marketing Community to stay in touch with everyone who attends.

Want to attend the next conference? Check it out here: http://emailinnovationssummit.com/

7. Email Evolution Conference – hosted by Data & Marketing Association

Which Mindable Team Members Attended? Email Marketing

Summary of Conference: The Email Evolution Conference, a 3-day conference in New Orleans, LA, shows off new ideas and tactics in email marketing to all in attendance. Every day offers a networking breakfast to connect with other attendees, popular keynote speakers throughout the day and many different workshops. Some of the keynote speakers that have presented this past year include Keith Kaplin, CEO and Co-founder of the Tesla FoundationKathryn Minshew, Founder and CEO of The MuseMatt Taibbi, Rolling Stone Writer and Author of NY Times bestseller The Divide and many more!

Want to attend the next conference? Check it out here: http://emailevolution.emailexperience.org/

8. iMEDIA Social Media Conference – hosted by Data & Marketing Association

Which Mindable Team Members Attended? Content Manager

Summary of Conference: Local to our home city of Edmonton, Alberta, iMEDIA is a 3-day conference hosted at MacEwan University’s downtown campus. This is a jam-packed weekend conference with endless networking opportunities, keynote speakers, and classes on all things marketing and content. And the cool thing about how iMEDIA structures their conference is that they specifically highlight which sessions are for beginner, intermediate and advanced professionals. This makes it easy to pinpoint which sessions conference-goers should attend to get the most learning! Here are a few examples of sessions put on during the conference: Creating Bite-Sized Content, Luring the Media: Perfecting Online Presence to Leverage Press, Using Social Media as a Customer Service Tool, and Remarketing: Learning to Stalk Your Prey Like a Pro.

Want to attend the next conference? Check it out here: http://www.imediaconference.ca/

9. ad:tech – hosted by ComeXposium

Which Mindable Team Members Attended? Operations and Marketing

Summary of Conference: This 2-day conference is hosted around the world in places like New York, Shanghai, London, and Tokyo, to name a few. This conference brings all professionals related to marketing and advertising into the same city. Ad:tech prides itself on being one of the conferences that are shaping advertising and marketing technology today. They talk about compelling content, bring in influential speakers, and have unparalleled networking opportunities. 2017 brought key speakers such as Heidi Browning, CMO of the National Hockey League and Bob Rupcynski, Global VP of Media and CRM for McDonald’s.

Want to attend the next conference? Check it out here: http://ad-tech.com/

10. Affiliate Summit Marketing Conference – hosted by Affiliate Summit Corp.

Which Mindable Team Members Attended? Advertising/Traffic,

Summary of Conference: The Affiliate Summit has two stops – East and West and in 2017 the 3-day East Summit, hosted in New York, sold out! This highly sought after conference brings together thousands of digital marketing from over 70 countries to talk all things marketing and affiliates. This conference offers both a conference with sessions and keynote speakers as well as a trade show that is packed with affiliates, merchants, vendors, networks, technology providers, digital agencies and traffic sources. Not only does this conference bring you tons of educational sessions hosted by leaders in their industry, but a variety of networking events and an online tool to help connect attendees before, during and after the event. This is a must-attend conference!

Want to attend the next conference? Check it out here: http://affiliatesummit.com/

And there you have it, Mindable followers! Our favorite marketing-ish conferences that our own staff attend to grow our knowledge in our respective fields, and embrace the opportunities we have to surround ourselves with game-changers in our industry.