Meet the Minds of Mindable: Robyn, Marketing Manager

September 18, 2019

At the core of Mindable is a team operating from our cutting-edge, Google-inspired workspace in Sherwood Park, Alberta. In total, we have over 50 team members around the world, and we just keep growing!

Here is a little bit about our awesome Marketing Manager, Robyn.

How long have you been with Mindable and why do you like working here?

I’ve worked at Mindable for about two years now, and what a time it has been! I love working here because every day is different. I work with a crew of crazy smart individuals who all contribute to our company goals on a daily basis. I come from a corporate background, so making the move to a small company was scary, but so worth it.

I’ve had so many great opportunities since joining the Mindable family and am so grateful for everything I’ve learned so far.

I really enjoy our Friday meetings, where we get the chance to debrief about our week while sipping on a cold beer.

What does your day-to-day look like?

I’m the Marketing Manager and spend a lot of my time managing all the outgoing content we send our readers, as well as our overall marketing strategies. We send about 80 million emails a month, so as you can imagine, a close eye needs to be monitoring every move we make – and that’s where I come in.

I work very closely with the leadership team on our quarterly OKR goals/plans and ensuring our marketing strategy aligns perfectly with the companies yearly objectives!

My time is focused on departmental & team member growth, and really work to improve & simplify our processes in order to scale the company.

I over-see and monitor all sales & email marketing campaigns, then measure the results so we can continue to improve and optimize for big wins!

What has been your favorite accomplishment so far? 

One of my (and the teams) biggest accomplishments was converting our manual sending process to an automated system, which we named BABs (Backend Automated Brain). This system took months of work to build but has saved us hundreds of hours of manual labor and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

What is your best digital marketing tip? 

Give yourself time to research. Even if your days get busy, the only way to stay ahead of the game is to pay attention to it.

What are some other fun facts about you?

I love board games, building puzzles and listening to true crime podcasts.