Meet the Minds of Mindable: Glenn, Web Designer

August 26, 2019

At the core of Mindable is a team operating from our cutting-edge, Google-inspired workspace in Sherwood Park, Alberta. In total, we have over 50 team members around the world.

This is a little bit about our Web Designer, Glenn.

What were your career aspirations when you were younger?

From as early as I can remember, my life always revolved around movies and the magic it could create, and so from the age of 11 I wanted to be a director. Film is the ultimate art form, in my opinion, it’s a machine that generates empathy. You can love without being in love, you can travel without leaving your house, you can get a rush without having to get out of your chair. It lets you understand other people’s hopes, dreams, and fears. Being able to create that seemed like a cool way to make a living.

That, or a pro wrestler.

What made you decide to apply for a job at Mindable?

I was working in a corporate setting, and it was really suffocating to my creativity and how I like to work. Everything was itemized and had a specific procedure to follow. Any task you wanted to work on had to be approved by no less than 3 managers. This sort of setting works really well for certain things, design and creativity is not one of them.

I found myself really dreading going in, because any time I had a spark of creativity come to me, it would have to be put into a proposal and sent to multiple people for approval.

Often times, a week later I would find out my idea was well-received – By that point I had completely lost the drive to perform that task with the voracity I had a week ago. I was looking around and came across the Mindable posting that was looking for all the things I currently did, and a couple of other things I love to do on the side. The pictures on the website showed an office where no one was wearing a suit, and I fell in love.

How long have you been working at Mindable?

I’m still relatively new, at just under five months, but I feel like I’ve been here for years (in a good way!) This is without a doubt the most driven, focused and welcoming workplace I’ve ever been a part of. Every single person here is at the top of their game, which creates a real sense of wanting to contribute in any way you can. There are no egos to be found and everyone is truly treated as an equal. No idea is dismissed and there is every opportunity available to try something new and cool and see if it works. There isn’t a single day that I’ve dreaded coming to work yet.

How do you like being immersed in the world of digital marketing and design? What are some of the challenges you are faced with on a daily basis? 

This is my first role in digital marketing, and I really like it. Everything moves very quickly, which I love, and there are so many interesting projects to work on. There is no shortage of things to learn and keep an eye on, and it keeps me very sharp. It’s a much different industry than any other I’ve been a part of.

Design challenges present themselves every single day. Coming in in the morning with a fresh set of eyes can always change how a project is worked on, and there is always the risk that something that you felt great about the day before changes the next. With that comes the added challenge of simply trusting your gut and the skills you have, and knowing you did your best work possible. All designers are perfectionists – At some point you need to tell yourself that you did a great job and you could sit there and tinker with it for months, but you’ve got to move on. Once you come to peace with that – You can appreciate your work. That’s a constant struggle that creative people tend to have.

What is your best digital marketing tip or design tip? 

Embrace the wall. Your best work is done in the final hour when you think there’s nothing else left. Any project I’ve ever made that I really love has come together when I thought I had no ideas left. A lot of people sit and stress that they haven’t come up with anything in a long time, but the crunch is real, and knowing the deadline is approaching and isn’t going to go away can do wonderful things for your creativity. You’re forced to think on your feet, and that’s essential for a designer.

What are the top skills that you utilize as a Designer at Mindable?

Aside from the obvious skills any designer has to have to be successful (collaborative, proficient in design tools, a keen eye), there are some intangibles that Mindable looks for in all their employees that have really served this place well. This is a very fast-paced environment, and you need to be able to adapt to any changes that might come your way and affect your workload, so being flexible and open is a must.

I’m very relaxed and collected (to the point that I often look like I don’t care – I’m working on it!), and that has really helped me in any job I’ve ever had. Things can get stressful in any workplace, and people look to those who are calm and collected for guidance when things are rough. I like to think I can help people stay grounded when things have taken a left turn. 

There are also multiple designers here, which is a godsend. You need like-minded people to bounce ideas off of and collect feedback from in order to be successful. You’ve got to be open to feedback and be able to take criticism well in order to succeed.

What would be your advice to professionals who aspire to work in digital marketing, specifically in design? 

Stay up to date and keep learning! Digital Marketing in general, and especially design, changes daily. There is always a new tool or strategy that is revolutionizing how things are done, and you have to pay attention to it. It is very common to spend a couple of weeks on a project only to find out at the end that most users no longer use a feature you put in, so you have to always keep your eyes open.

Additionally, being up to date can keep you ahead of your competitors as well. If you can anticipate big changes that are coming, that’s going to give you a huge leg up with your next product launch and make sure your product is future-proof.

What is your favorite quote to live by? 

“You’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.”

I do not live my life like a man in his 30s, and no one I admire or look up to acts their age either. There is something inspiring about someone who is rarely stressed, is always pleasant to be around, and still has their childlike sense of wonder. Those are the people I enjoy interacting with the most and the people I learn the most from.

What’s a fun fact about you?

I’m a huge movie nerd, a bottomless pit of movie trivia. I’m like Ken Jennings, if Ken Jennings only knew about movies and nothing else.