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Welcome to Mindable

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Founded in 2010 by Daniel Matishak, Mindable is one of the most exciting digital publishing companies in personal transformation.

Mindable invested in an idea we were passionate about and grew from a basement operation, to being ranked one of the top 2,000 websites in the world (Alexa.com). Mindable was voted as one of the fastest growing tech companies in 2015 (Deloitte), coming in at #14 of the Top 50 in Canada, and #122 of the Top 500 in North America!

Over the years Mindable has had the opportunity to tap into some of the most interesting markets and as we have mentioned, we’ve found our success and passion publishing authors, articles and products in the self-discovery and personal transformation space. This massive market grants Mindable a digital playground to publish content, test new ideas and connect with a valuable network of unique individuals.


Our Mission

To be the global authority for the highest quality content and products in self-discovery and personal transformation.

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What Makes Us Different

Guiding Principles

Mindable was built on 8 principles that shaped us into the company we are today. Through highs and lows, we have always stood by them, and today, they continue to be the backbone of our organization.

To Constantly Push For Higher Quality Customer Satisfaction

Customers are the be-all, end-all of Mindable’s business. We wouldn’t exist without the commitment and support of our valued customers. Every day we strive to provide them with the highest quality products and experiences they can find online.

To Always have AN open Mind

We believe in collaboration. Mindable’s ever-evolving office was designed specifically for optimal creativity; to mull over ideas individually, or as a team. We understand that the best ideas come from a healthy debate, involving open minds and universal respect.

A Drive To Constantly Be A Better Version Of Yourself

Mindable thrives in the personal growth industry because our team lives these values each day. Our team understands that life is a journey, that our external and internal worlds are beautiful places to be explored. We encourage continuous skill sharpening and self-improvement through company sponsored online courses, a monthly book club, travel, and personal growth seminars – to name a few.

A Belief That Every Problem Has a Solution And A Willingness To Tackle These Problems

The Expression, “can’t be done” is not part of our phraseology. There is always a solution. Mindable encourages team-based efforts to solve problems proactively, and collaboration to streamline future processes.

Mistakes are Inevitable but Learning from Those Mistakes is What Makes Us Great

At Mindable, we move fast, and with innovation also comes failure from time to time. Our belief, is to learn from those mistakes, embrace them, share them, and carry those learnings with us into the next project. We’ve found that failure is both inevitable and necessary within the territory of being innovative, everything begins to change.

A Hunger to do the Undoable

Each person at Mindable joined the team wanting more, to put their stamp on something they believe in, to make an impact. This level of passion has become part of our everyday life, and with that, what was once seemingly impossible starts to shift. There’s no such thing as “it can’t be done,” there is only, “how can we make it happen?” The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do. That change is happening every day at Mindable.

Leading A Balanced Life, Both In And Out Of Work With A Focus On Happiness

While we’re passionate about what we do, Mindable knows that happy lives don’t begin and end in the office. Work is just one aspect of living a healthy and balanced life. Focusing a lot of energy toward a fun, enjoyable, and exciting environment at Mindable helps ensure that positivity flows into our personal lives.

Accomplishing All The Above With People You Respect, Care For And Enjoy

Culture is not simply a buzzword for Mindable. Culture means building relationships with your fellow co-workers. It’s about respect, and, most importantly, feeling comfortable with your true self. We believe if you don’t enjoy going to work each day you are not working with the right people – simple as that.

Core Values

The above 8 values encourage our team to work hard, play freely, and look forward to every Monday morning.
To take it a step further we’ve distilled the above 8 principles into 3 core values:

Do the Undoable


Our Team

Mindable is a dynamic team, with each individual bringing diverse backgrounds, skills and experiences to the table. Each team member has a designated title, however, everyone is encouraged to embrace their strengths (including those outside their job description) and offer assistance to the team collectively. No task is too big, or too small, for our staff.

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