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Mindable Headquarters

We can’t express how much we love our workspace. Building it didn’t happen together overnight. We would like to think our office is so awesome because of the work of 14 angry demolitionist velociraptors and 32 trained installation gerbils. In reality, it took months of planning, diagrams, mockups, an interior designer, a local graffiti artist, and a lot of Red Bull consumption to finally get it right!

We drew inspiration from some of our favourite companies—think Mindvalley and Google. Our layout challenges the ways of old and helps foster an environment of endless learning and creative discussion. In the Mindable office, you’ll find:

  • An open layout
  • Break out rooms for collaboration
  • 25 whiteboards for planning and creation
  • Multiple lounging areas
  • A kitchen stocked with tea and coffee
  • A play area with a pool table, ping-pong, and an arcade style basketball game
  • Nerf guns (because sometimes a spontaneous battle breaks out)

Combine that environment with some of the brightest minds in our industry, and you’ve got a recipe for some real innovation.