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Things Are a Little Different Around Here

When you treat your team like they’re leaders, they become leaders. At Mindable, we’ve created an environment that relies on active participation and group ownership. We give the credit for our company’s success to the people who deserve it the most: our employees.

Working Together

We believe in collaboration without distraction. Our ever-evolving office features more than enough space to mull over ideas individually, or as a team. Sometimes the best ideas come with a little debate. On any given day, you'll find our staff deep in collaboration mode in our breakout rooms, relaxing on our couches, or unwinding with our (seemingly) endless ping-pong, pool, and darts tournaments.

Some of us do our best work in group discussion while others need to recharge by taking a little quiet time. Whatever fits our employees’ style, we work to accommodate. In the end, our unique workspace encourages our team to work hard, play freely, and look forward to coming into the office every Monday morning.

Learning From Our Failures

When you move as fast as we do, you’re bound to make some mistakes along the way. The key is to learn from those mistakes, to embrace them, and constantly work to improve the next project. We’ve found that failure is both inevitable and necessary, when we realize it comes with the territory of being innovative, everything begins to change.

Mindable Team