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Welcome to Mindable

Mindable is Canada's most exciting digital marketing optimization company.

We're a team of relentlessly creative marketers, coding masters, design rock stars, and business bad asses that span the globe. Mindable employs over 50 people worldwide and has a tech-startup inspired office in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, with a team of 13 in-house rock stars.

In 2010, we invested in an idea we were passionate about and we grew from a basement operation to being ranked one of the top 1,700 websites in the world, by Alexa.com. And people started noticing! Mindable was voted one of the fastest growing tech companies, by Deloitte, in 2015. We came in at #14 of the Top 50 in Canada, and #122 of the Top 500 in North America!

We are constantly seeking new and unique ways to lead in the online marketing world. Since 2010, we’ve tapped into some of the most interesting markets and we’ve found enormous success in the personal development field. We focus heavily on content and products in the self-discovery and personal transformation space, with over 20 product lines serving in excess of 142 countries. This massive market gives us a digital playground to test new ideas and connect with a valuable network of unique individuals.

What Makes Mindable Unique

We like to keep our special sauce recipe under wraps, but for you, we’ll open the curtains just slightly. Here are a few reasons why Mindable is such a unique workplace.

Constant Learning

Knowledge is everywhere—you never know where the next great idea will come from. We encourage constant skill sharpening through company-sponsored online courses, our monthly book club, and group discussions, in order to always stay on top of our game.

Work / Life Balance

While we’re passionate about what we do, our lives don’t begin and end in the office. Flex time and full benefits allow us to create a healthy balance between our time in the office and at home with our families.

Collaboration & Planning

All of our marketing projects begin with a crystal-clear team vision. Our collaborative environment encourages a team-based effort to set concrete end goals, then we push to surpass the heck out of them.

Analysis & Testing

Our best decisions are made through analytics research, market testing, and experimentation. This helps us know where we're going and establish a road to get us there. From day 1, our team experiments relentlessly (some would say obsessively) to uncover marketing opportunities with great potential. We do a lot of learning from our experiences along the way. When you stop trying to control your route, you reach more exciting places than you could have ever imagined.

Speed & Efficiency

We’re not afraid to enter new markets. When we see potential value, we go from 0-to-profit in less time than most companies take to decide on a logo. Our projects evolve quickly and constantly, as does our creative process.

Mission Statement

“To be recognized as the global authority for the highest quality content and products in self-discovery and personal transformation.”

Mindable Guiding Principles

  • To always have an open mind
  • A drive to constantly be a better version of yourself
  • A belief that every problem has a solution and a willingness to tackle these problems
  • Understanding that you will make mistakes but it’s what you learn from those mistakes that will make us great
  • A hunger to do the undoable
  • To constantly push for higher quality customer satisfaction
  • Leading a balanced life, both in and out of work with a focus on happiness
  • Accomplishing all the above with people you respect, care for and enjoy