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Mindable is Canada's most exciting marketing optimization company.

Mindable is Canada's most exciting marketing optimization company. We're a team of relentlessly creative marketers, coders and design rock stars that spans the globe. When we decide there's a new market we want to enter and compete in the time it takes us to go from zero to profit is faster than most companies take to decide on a logo.

Our projects evolve constantly, and so does our creative process. Every company says they're different. At Mindable, we actually prove it. So what are we REALLY up to, you might ask?

It’s no secret.

We have tapped into some of the most interesting markets you can imagine. Currently one of our focuses is in the personal development space. We specialize in creating products and services for those interested in astrology, meditation, and chakra healing just to name a few. These web properties alone get around 500,000 page views every single day. This MASSIVE market gives us a digital playground to test new ideas and connect with a very interesting network of individuals.

We are also building a SAAS (Software As A Service) product that will revolutionize the online world. It’s the wild wild west right now for SAAS products and we are determined to stake our claim in this evolving space. Stay tuned!

We also have educational products and several mobile apps that are catching on like wildfire. From e- commerce to direct response marketing, webinars and consulting, if it’s online we have our hands in it.

Though we like to keep our special sauce recipe under wraps here are a few reasons why Mindable is so unique.

We start with the end.

When we jump in to a new project, we begin by crafting a crystal-clear team vision. We start with team-wide collaboration to create concrete end goals. Then, we surpass the hell out of them.

We move fast.

In this industry, we don't have time or energy to get bogged down in micromanagement. We figure out the why and the what, and don't waste time on how.

The reason? Our process is based on trust. We trust our team's ability to lead themselves by relentless curiosity and creative drive. Hey, that's why we hired 'em.

We start by knowing where we're going—with no idea what ideas will get us there. We don't waste time self-editing. We don't limit ourselves by overanalyzing.

From Day 1 our team experiments relentlessly (some would say obsessively) to uncover the greatest ideas.

Because when you stop trying to control your route, you reach more exciting places than you ever could have guessed.

Who is Mindable?

Meet the team who makes it all come together. Every time.

Mindable is a team of 15 full-time rockstars operating from our cutting-edge work space in Sherwood Park, Alberta—and we're over 50 strong all over the world. We're a dynamic team who work hard and play harder. Below are just a few identical replicas of our team members.



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Things are a little different around here.

To nail your results, evolve your culture.

When you treat your team like they're leaders, they become them. That's Mindable's philosophy. Our unique workspace creates a team that actually looks forward to Monday morning. Here's why.

Divide & conquer.

Our philosophy? Collaboration without distraction. Mindable's expansive workplace features ample space to mull over ideas as a team — because we know that sometimes, the best ideas come from a little debate. Vertical companies give too little credit to their employees' potential. We happily admit things are pretty flat around here.

On any given day, you'll find our team deep in collaboration mode in our breakout rooms — or, grabbing a coffee around our couches to decompress and mull things over (after a fierce round of ping-pong).

To get in the zone—and stay there—we all need a little alone time. Mindable's spacious personal work stations give us the room to re-energize… on our own time. Because no matter how awesome your team is, everyone needs a distraction-free zone.

Experiment Fearlessly.

At Mindable, we know mistakes happen. The other guys like to pretend they don't. But when you stop fearing mistakes, everything changes. We move quicker—way quicker—than the other guy. At Mindable, we embrace those mistakes. And we learn from them. That's our philosophy.

Mindable is not just a job. It's a lifestyle.

We're all over the globe. Our team is constantly travelling to uncover other like-minded teams from all corners of the world. We form some of our best ideas by participating—and even leading—creative summits and think tanks with the industry's top players. There's a lot of inspiration to be found outside the office. We're out to find it.

Mindable Team

Our Badass Office Has Arrived!

We had to hire an interior designer, fourteen velociraptors, thirty-two trained installation gerbils, sixteen Redbull delivery artists and one very angry demolitionist, but we're now parked safe and sound in our brand new office at #220, 2181 Premier Way, Sherwood Park. Keep your eyes open for the Mindable-only parking signs if you're trying to find us. You can also call our sweet, sweet office at (780) 449-1125.

We drew inspiration from some of our favourite companies – from Mindvalley to Google. Our new layout challenges the ways of old and instead, helps foster an environment of endless learning and creative discussion. You’ll find graffiti on the walls, new-age motivational posters, a wise Tyrannosaurus-Rex head, pool table, 2 ping pong tables, arcade style basketball hoops, 25 white boards, multiple lounging area’s, a beer fridge, and a mega Nerf gun for everyone in the office when a spontaneous battle goes down. All of this can all be found in our new office filled with some of the brightest minds in the industry.

Get in touch. We'd love to hear from you.

(780) 449-1125 #220, 2181 Premier Way, Sherwood Park, Alberta T8H 2V1

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#220, 2181 Premier Way, Sherwood Park, Alberta T8H 2V1
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